The work of players who have the best groupings allows them to get some very coveted rewards: gold shells for groupings which only have Purebred animals and silver shells for those with non-Purebred animals.

Keep a close eye on your groupings' progress bar: as soon as it reaches 100%, you get one extra gold shell or silver shell, and the earnings in shellz' and/or premz' that go with them!

A Purebred grouping can be rewarded with up to 6 gold shells.
A non-Purebred grouping can be rewarded with up to 10 silver shells.
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Purebred grouping rankings by gold shells

To climb in these rankings, you must form Purebred groupings and make them reach the top! Don't hesitate to consult the help to learn more about the criteria taken into account for the grading of groupings.
The rankings of the groupings let you see the official ranking of the 458 groupings of the game and see the groupings that have won the most awards.

There are two types of rankings: Purebred groupings (who win gold shells) and non-Purebred groupings (who win silver shells).

You can also filter by species, in order to see the best groupings within a particular species.

Other rankings allow you to see the rank of a grouping, according to specific criteria— the average capacity of the marine animals, average level of the marine animals, or even the number of marine animals.
Purebred grouping rankings by gold shells
Place Grouping Species Evolution Points
 Riptide's Revelation
 Player: RevJunior
Dolphin  0 15.76
 ~The Whale Sharks~
 Player: huskylover4
Whale-shark  0 15.76
 Crazy 8's Dolphins
 Player: horsecrazy28
Dolphin  0 15.58
4  Awesome Bills
 Player: dragoness__1
Razorbill Penguin  0 15.33
5  ~emperor penguins survivors of the artic~
 Player: ashley43
Emperor Penguin  0 15.27
6  ~Hai' Shalud~
 Player: CAPWPS
Dolphin  0 14.42
7  Golden Dolphins
 Player: jjjmb
Dolphin  0 13.56
8  gws Jaws
 Player: GirlyG
Great White Shark  0 13.16
9  The Cove
 Player: CAPWPS
Dolphin  0 12.86
10  Happy Feet
 Player: SuddenxTragic
Emperor Penguin  0 12.78
11  Purebreeds
 Player: spiri234
Orca Whale  0 12.49
12  Dolphinians
 Player: dragoness__1
Dolphin  0 11.92
13  Surfin' Seals
 Player: GlitterDots
Seal  0 11.84
14  Amazing Orcas
 Player: Dressagegirl29
Orca Whale  0 11.28
15  Peking Order
 Player: kora02
Polar Bear  0 11.23
16  BRA Redtail Butterflyfish
 Player: dragoness__1
Redtail Butterflyfish  0 10.6
17  of Starfish Reef
 Player: Mustangs7
Starfish  0 10.39
18  Dolphins R Us
 Player: williamsgirl
Dolphin  0 10.24
19  Brave whales
 Player: AzurEst
Whale-shark  0 9.85
20  Sandy Shores
 Player: meerkatcutie1995
Gull  0 9.83