Free animal game: Fishing

This virtual fishing game will put your skills as a fisherman to the test. The goal is to catch as many fish as possible before the time runs out. You can steer your harpoon by using the left and right arrow keys. Hit the up arrow to cast your harpoon and the down arrow to reel in your catch. Try to catch as many carp, gudgeon and pike as you can and collect points. The hard part in this fishing game is the timer: you have very little time to get the minimum amount of points needed to pass the level. You need to be quick to react in this game!

A little tip: you can also catch fish when you pull in your harpoon so that means you can catch a fish on the way down and then catch some more on the way up. This way, you will save time! You must avoid hooking the boots that won't give you any points and you must absolutely avoid the sharks that swim by from time to time or your game will finish sooner rather than later! Show us how quick you are and win this virtual fishing game for expert fishermen!

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