Free animal game: Blue ocean

This fish game lets you spend your spare time saving the planet!
The seabed is scattered with all kinds of garbage.
Today, Tweety (the arch enemy of Tom) has decided to go on a mission to clean up the ocean!
But this isn't an easy task since he's decided to attack a section of the ocean where all kinds of fish (
sharks, sea turtles
, seals, dolphins and seahorses) are swimming around!
You must dive down to the deepest depths of the ocean with your brave little bird, without touching the sea life swimming around and then go back up to the surface with the garbage!
The bigger your piece of garbage, the more points you'll get!

The Blue ocean animal game has already been played 835 times since it was added to the Animals games section.
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 Abandoned - 8 years and 5 months ago:
  @bailey1685 @ashley43 is right you don't have to be rude   
 Abandoned - 9 years, 78 hours and 19 minutes ago:
  -bailey1685,please be respectful to Dreamzer and to this game.If you don't like this game than don't have to play it.You don't always have to express your feelings on the net.   
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