Free animal game: Fish in the bowl

This fish game gives you a quick multiplayer aquatic game!
At the start, you find yourself in the middle of this strange fishbowl where missiles and ammunition fall from the sky and help your fish kill each other!!
To do this, this fish game has divided the keys in half so that each one of these two fish can play and get a chance to win!
Player 1 plays the orange fish, using the arrow keys on your keyboard to steer your fish, CTRL to shoot and INSERT to fire missiles!
Player 2 plays the red fish, using the W, A, S and D keys to steer your fish, space bar to shoot and V to use your missile!
Warning: your fish only have a limited supply of ammunition and so you must grab the ammunition falling in colorful bubbles by moving your fish around!
Who will win this fishbowl war?

The Fish in the bowl animal game has already been played 2,871 times since it was added to the Animals games section.
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