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I play on .us - Please do not send me invites from .net, .com, etc. 

FYI: All posts on my wall are deleted once I determine that the conversation is finished. 
The reason for this is; because I check my account via mobile phone, and if you've ever checked your account on a cell phone, you should know you can not scroll down on the wall posts. 

I have blocked the notifications for the "wink" feature, therefore I will not know if you wink at me.
So, in closing, if you "wink" at me, it is a waste of your own precious time. ;)

NOTEIf you vote for me, I will return the favor 
Also, I never deny a friend request, feel free to add me :)

 Please note... 
 if you do not follow my Rules & Regulations,  your comment on my wall will simply be  DELETED! 
 I don't have time to repeat myself! 

Name: Melissa (25) 
Nickname: SBA

I am a certified dog trainer (in real life).
I graduated, with honors, from Animal Behavior College on November 7, 2012
Currently: I am still looking for a job in my profession. 
It's quite difficult when you live in the 'sticks' lol
Here's the link to the college website, if you're interested: http://www.animalbehaviorcollege.com/
[[ Caution: If you click on the link above, it will not open a new tab. ]]

I was recently asked if I lived in the south... Well here's the story to that:
I was born in Minnesota, shortly after, my parents & I moved to Iowa where I lived for 14 years. 
We then moved to 
Texas (for family), where we lived for 8 years. 
 I consider myself from Texas, because that is where I personally think I 'grew up' from the age of 15 through 23.
I also have the southern accent to prove that I, indeed, lived in the south for quite the amount of time!
n 2011 we moved back to Iowa (for family again), where I am currently located.

As a player:
I am fairly quiet & keep to myself.
I post on the forums occasionally (especially about game bugs).
Mainly, I'm training & breeding my dogs when I'm online.
I am always aiming for a progress star (;

I work nights in the Hotel Industry (night audit),
therefore I am normally online..
from around:
(Central Time, USA)
[On and off throughout the night.]

Constantly Under Construction

Please be patient...

Thank you.
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